London, Greater London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAILEY, Mary  1635London, Greater London, England I5636 adkinshorton 
2 BAILEY, Sarah Elizabeth  1632London, Greater London, England I5630 adkinshorton 
3 Barnham, Francis  1516London, Greater London, England I11784 adkinshorton 
4 CHANDLER, Edmund  Abt 1588London, Greater London, England I5244 adkinshorton 
5 Claypoole  1673London, Greater London, England I7543 adkinshorton 
6 Claypoole, Elizabeth  1626London, Greater London, England I7594 adkinshorton 
7 Claypoole, Frances  1632London, Greater London, England I7608 adkinshorton 
8 Claypoole, George  24 Jan 1675London, Greater London, England I7544 adkinshorton 
9 Claypoole, Helen  16 Nov 1662London, Greater London, England I7537 adkinshorton 
10 Claypoole, James II  12 Jun 1664London, Greater London, England I7529 adkinshorton 
11 Claypoole, Joseph  8 Apr 1676London, Greater London, England I7545 adkinshorton 
12 Claypoole, Joseph  14 Jul 1677London, Greater London, England I7546 adkinshorton 
13 Claypoole, Josiah  19 Nov 1669London, Greater London, England I7540 adkinshorton 
14 Claypoole, Mary  1622London, Greater London, England I7561 adkinshorton 
15 Claypoole, Mary  24 Oct 1660London, Greater London, England I7536 adkinshorton 
16 Claypoole, Nathaniel  3 Oct 1668London, Greater London, England I7539 adkinshorton 
17 Claypoole, Nathaniel  4 Oct 1672London, Greater London, England I7542 adkinshorton 
18 Claypoole, Norton  16 Oct 1640London, Greater London, England I7611 adkinshorton 
19 Claypoole, Robert  1627London, Greater London, England I7604 adkinshorton 
20 Claypoole, Samuel  29 Mar 1671London, Greater London, England I7541 adkinshorton 
21 Graye  Abt 1561London, Greater London, England I11212 adkinshorton 
22 JONES, Edwin   I2611 adkinshorton 
23 KELLY, Robert Archibald  1875London, Greater London, England I2607 adkinshorton 
24 Nail, Joyce  Abt 1600London, Greater London, England I10082 adkinshorton 
25 PLANTAGANET, Edmund 'Crouchback' Duke of Lancaster  16 Jan 1245London, Greater London, England I6085 adkinshorton 
26 PLANTAGENET, Matilda of England  Jun 1156London, Greater London, England I5969 adkinshorton 
27 Proctor, Alice  Abt 1587London, Greater London, England I11205 adkinshorton 
28 Proctor, Anthony  Abt 1600London, Greater London, England I11214 adkinshorton 
29 Proctor, John  Abt 1622London, Greater London, England I11208 adkinshorton 
30 Proctor, Planter John Graye  Abt 1583London, Greater London, England I11204 adkinshorton 
31 Proctor, John Nicholas  Abt 1559London, Greater London, England I11211 adkinshorton 
32 Proctor, Robert  Abt 1620London, Greater London, England I11206 adkinshorton 
33 Proctor, Thomas  Abt 1587London, Greater London, England I11213 adkinshorton 
34 Pynchon, Nicholas  1496London, Greater London, England I11568 adkinshorton 
35 SMYTHE, Katherine  1564London, Greater London, England I5665 adkinshorton 
36 SNOW, Nicholas  25 Jan 1600London, Greater London, England I907 adkinshorton 
37 Wallen, Ralph Jr.  Abt 1590-1595London, Greater London, England I10081 adkinshorton 
38 Winthrop, Anne  16 Jan 1585London, Greater London, England I7328 adkinshorton 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Angell, William  10 Oct 1629London, Greater London, England I7559 adkinshorton 
2 Badlesmere, Elizabeth  8 Jun 1356London, Greater London, England I7698 adkinshorton 
3 Claypoole  1673London, Greater London, England I7543 adkinshorton 
4 Claypoole, Nathaniel  24 Nov 1668London, Greater London, England I7539 adkinshorton 
5 Claypoole, Samuel  21 Mar 1681London, Greater London, England I7541 adkinshorton 
6 de Bohun, William 1st Earl of Northampton  16 Sep 1360London, Greater London, England I7564 adkinshorton 
7 de Spencer, Eleanor  30 Sep 1328London, Greater London, England I11577 adkinshorton 
8 HOWLAND, Simon  1634London, Greater London, England I949 adkinshorton 
9 KING OF ENGLAND, Edmund II 'Ironsides'  30 Nov 1016London, Greater London, England I5772 adkinshorton 
10 KING OF ENGLAND, Ethelred II 'the Unready'  23 Apr 1016London, Greater London, England I5774 adkinshorton 
11 Marshal, William 1st Earl of Pembroke  14 May 1219London, Greater London, England I6122 adkinshorton 
12 OF ENGLAND, Edward "the Atheling"  Abt 1057London, Greater London, England I5769 adkinshorton 
13 Povey, Joan  17 Aug 1608London, Greater London, England I7560 adkinshorton 
14 Pynchon, Nicholas  London, Greater London, England I11568 adkinshorton 
15 Wingfield, Elizabeth  28 Apr 1497London, Greater London, England I7692 adkinshorton 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barnham / Bradbridge  1536London, Greater London, England F27683 adkinshorton 
2 BULLER / HAYWARD  1599London, Greater London, England F25149 adkinshorton 
3 Marshal / DE CLARE  Aug 1189London, Greater London, England F25247 adkinshorton 
4 Proctor / Proctor  London, Greater London, England F27492 adkinshorton 
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