Bladen Co, NC


Latitude: 34.5882404, Longitude: -78.5660852


Matches 1 to 110 of 110

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERS, Agnes  18 Aug 1882Bladen Co, NC I734
2 ANDERS, Alfred  Between 1790 and 1800Bladen Co, NC I644
3 ANDERS, Amy Caroliine  9 Sep 1816Bladen Co, NC I596
4 ANDERS, Ann Jane  Abt Jan 1796Bladen Co, NC I647
5 ANDERS, Caroline  1810Bladen Co, NC I621
6 ANDERS, Carvel King  27 Nov 1901Bladen Co, NC I715
7 ANDERS, David D.  6 Feb 1785Bladen Co, NC I616
8 ANDERS, Eliza M.  Between 1800 and 1810Bladen Co, NC I631
9 ANDERS, Elizabeth Ann  30 Dec 1822Bladen Co, NC I601
10 ANDERS, James  Abt 1778Bladen Co, NC I612
11 ANDERS, James M.  18 May 1758Bladen Co, NC I628
12 ANDERS, James M. Jr.  Abt 1810Bladen Co, NC I630
13 ANDERS, James Owen  Abt 1812Bladen Co, NC I622
14 ANDERS, John A.  17 Mar 1819Bladen Co, NC I599
15 ANDERS, Capt. John Alexander III  17 Feb 1780Bladen Co, NC I595
16 ANDERS, Leon King  1 Nov 1878Bladen Co, NC I711
17 ANDERS, Linda  21 Oct 1903Bladen Co, NC I725
18 ANDERS, Mary Margaret  14 Oct 1824Bladen Co, NC I602
19 ANDERS, Patrick Lloyd  2 Jul 1826Bladen Co, NC I603
20 ANDERS, Ruhamah C.  8 Sep 1816Bladen Co, NC I597
21 ANDERS, Samuel  Abt 1783Bladen Co, NC I614
22 ANDERS, Samuel  22 Nov 1814Bladen Co, NC I625
23 ANDERS, Timothy  Abt 1788Bladen Co, NC I643
24 ANDERS, William  Bladen Co, NC I649
25 ANDERS, Dr. William King  15 Jan 1848Bladen Co, NC I698
26 ANDERS, William Washington  4 Dec 1818Bladen Co, NC I598
27 Cromartie, Addison Alexander  Abt 1847Bladen Co, NC I674
28 Cromartie, Alexander I  12 Aug 1772Bladen Co, NC I580
29 CROMARTIE, Alexander  31 Aug 1806Bladen Co, NC I1073
30 Cromartie, Alexander Doane  3 Feb 1885Bladen Co, NC I1167
31 Cromartie, Alice Graves  22 May 1854Bladen Co, NC I9667
32 CROMARTIE, Angus  22 Jun 1874Bladen Co, NC I772
33 CROMARTIE, Ann E.  1 Mar 1789Bladen Co, NC I594
34 CROMARTIE, Ann Julia  25 Feb 1826Bladen Co, NC I1195
35 Cromartie, Anna Mary  13 Jan 1872Bladen Co, NC I1191
36 Cromartie, Belle  12 Dec 1860Bladen Co, NC I1124
37 CROMARTIE, Calvin  6 Aug 1827Bladen Co, NC I757
38 CROMARTIE, Catherine  8 Jul 1780Bladen Co, NC I588
39 CROMARTIE, Catherine Caroline  19 Oct 1813Bladen Co, NC I1076
40 Cromartie, Catherine Narcisa  17 Nov 1863Bladen Co, NC I1144
41 CROMARTIE, Cornelius  Oct 1862Bladen Co, NC I768
42 CROMARTIE, Daniel Washington  10 Apr 1825Bladen Co, NC I1080
43 CROMARTIE, Della Lloyd  1852Bladen Co, NC I1116
44 Cromartie, Dickson Sloan  6 Mar 1880Bladen Co, NC I1194
45 Cromartie, Duncan  19 Jul 1818Bladen Co, NC I1078
46 Cromartie, Duncan  23t Dec 1887Bladen Co, NC I9677
47 Cromartie, Eliza McKay  10 Aug 1846Bladen Co, NC I1112
48 CROMARTIE, Elizabeth  5 Oct 1769Bladen Co, NC I576
49 CROMARTIE, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1809Bladen Co, NC I1152
50 CROMARTIE, Elizabeth Ann  13 Jun 1800Bladen Co, NC I1038
51 Cromartie, Elizabeth K.  25 Jan 1883Bladen Co, NC I12193
52 CROMARTIE, Emma Carraway  1858Bladen Co, NC I1122
53 Cromartie, Frank  08 Mar 1874Bladen Co, NC I1192
54 CROMARTIE, Franklin Taylor  24 Jun 1825Bladen Co, NC I756
55 CROMARTIE, George  14 Aug 1804Bladen Co, NC I1042
56 Cromartie, George Sloan  15 Oct 1867Bladen Co, NC I1169
57 CROMARTIE, Hannah Ann  28 Mar 1811Bladen Co, NC I1154
58 CROMARTIE, Hannah Ruhamah  7 Apr 1771Bladen Co, NC I578
59 CROMARTIE, Harriet Atwood  27 Mar 1822Bladen Co, NC I1163
60 Cromartie, Henry Alexander  15 Jun 1856Bladen Co, NC I1127
61 Cromartie, Howard Graham Sr.  14 Sep 1871Bladen Co, NC I1139
62 CROMARTIE, Ida  Oct 1863Bladen Co, NC I769
63 Cromartie, James  28 Mar 1767Bladen Co, NC I574
64 CROMARTIE, James  5 Nov 1810Bladen Co, NC I1075
65 CROMARTIE, James Calvin  26 Feb 1857Bladen Co, NC I764
66 CROMARTIE, James P.  1844Bladen Co, NC I1111
67 CROMARTIE, Jean  15 Mar 1783Bladen Co, NC I590
68 CROMARTIE, John  15 Mar 1808Bladen Co, NC I1074
69 Cromartie, John David  09 Mar 1864Bladen Co, NC I1168
70 Cromartie, John James  28 Feb 1774Bladen Co, NC I582
71 CROMARTIE, John Quincy  1823Bladen Co, NC I690
72 CROMARTIE, Julia Clark  9 Aug 1833Bladen Co, NC I760
73 CROMARTIE, Julia Custis  May 1859Bladen Co, NC I765
74 Cromartie, Katherine Bryan  12 Dec 1877Bladen Co, NC I1193
75 CROMARTIE, Lemuel Pinkney  Aug 1860Bladen Co, NC I766
76 CROMARTIE, Lloyd McKay  2 Apr 1854Bladen Co, NC I1118
77 Cromartie, Lois Virginia  3 Dec 1915Bladen Co, NC I12190
78 CROMARTIE, Luther  12 Oct 1829Bladen Co, NC I758
79 CROMARTIE, Margaret  1826Bladen Co, NC I10431
80 CROMARTIE, Margaret Nancy  1 Feb 1776Bladen Co, NC I584
81 CROMARTIE, Martin Luther  13 Nov 1853Bladen Co, NC I761
82 Cromartie, Mary Blanche  25 Jul 1907Bladen Co, NC I1173
83 CROMARTIE, Mary Catherine  29 Nov 1819Bladen Co, NC I1161
84 CROMARTIE, Mary Ida  13 Oct 1849Bladen Co, NC I1114
85 CROMARTIE, Mary Jane  20 Mar 1816Bladen Co, NC I1077
86 CROMARTIE, Miriam Elizabeth  1856Bladen Co, NC I1120
87 CROMARTIE, Miriam Newell  18 Aug 1820Bladen Co, NC I1079
88 CROMARTIE, Patrick Lafayette  10 Apr 1825Bladen Co, NC I1081
89 Cromartie, Patrick Sidney  08 Apr 1869Bladen Co, NC I1126
90 CROMARTIE, Peter Patrick  18 Jun 1787Bladen Co, NC I592
91 CROMARTIE, Remalia Estalitz  16 Feb 1856Bladen Co, NC I763
92 CROMARTIE, Rhoda Caroline  16 May 1817Bladen Co, NC I1160
93 Cromartie, Dr. Robert Samuel  28 Nov 1869Bladen Co, NC I1171
94 CROMARTIE, Ruhamah Jane  29 Jan 1813Bladen Co, NC I1156
95 Cromartie, Thankful  24 Apr 1768Bladen Co, NC I171
96 Cromartie, William Jr.  10 Sep 1765Bladen Co, NC I195
97 CROMARTIE, William  04 Nov 1807Bladen Co, NC I1040
98 Cromartie, William Douglas  Oct 1866Bladen Co, NC I1170
99 Cromartie, William James  23 Apr 1824Bladen Co, NC I1165
100 Cromartie, William James  19 May 1913Bladen Co, NC I12191
101 Hendon, Mary  Bladen Co, NC I1043
102 Hocutt, Edgar Jerome II  22 Apr 1939Bladen Co, NC I1177
103 KING, Catherine Ann  25 Apr 1823Bladen Co, NC I608
104 LARKINS, John David  Abt 1800Bladen Co, NC I623
105 MCCULLUCH, Annie Jane  31 Oct 1883Bladen Co, NC I712
106 Perkins, Junius Washington  1848Bladen Co, NC I10433
107 Perkins, Livius C.  1847Bladen Co, NC I10438
108 SIKES, Ann  Jan 1778Bladen Co, NC I613
109 Taylor, Katherine  21 Dec 1788Bladen Co, NC I662
110 WOOTEN, John Allen  31 Dec 1821Bladen Co, NC I605


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERS, Alfred  Between 1842 and 1850Bladen Co, NC I644
2 ANDERS, David D.  Abt 27 Jan 1871Bladen Co, NC I616
3 ANDERS, James  Between 1824 and 1828Bladen Co, NC I612
4 ANDERS, John Alexander Sr.  Abt 1802Bladen Co, NC I627
5 ANDERS, John Alexander Jr.  Abt 1814Bladen Co, NC I610
6 ANDERS, Capt. John Alexander III  15 May 1850Bladen Co, NC I595
7 ANDERS, Mary Margaret  20 Jan 1910Bladen Co, NC I602
8 ANDERS, Samuel  1 Feb 1871Bladen Co, NC I625
9 ANDERS, William  Abt 1814Bladen Co, NC I649
10 ANDERS, Dr. William King  Abt 29 Nov 1900Bladen Co, NC I698
11 ANDERS, William Washington  16 Jun 1892Bladen Co, NC I598
12 Bland, Mary Irene  13 Apr 1956Bladen Co, NC I13036
13 COLVIN, Jane  12 Mar 1906Bladen Co, NC I686
14 COSTON, Keturah Jane  1 Mar 1872Bladen Co, NC I626
15 Cromartie, Alexander I  09 Mar 1839Bladen Co, NC I580
16 CROMARTIE, Ann E.  31 Mar 1849Bladen Co, NC I594
17 CROMARTIE, Catherine Caroline  18 Aug 1822Bladen Co, NC I1076
18 CROMARTIE, George  3 May 1892Bladen Co, NC I1042
19 Cromartie, Henry Alexander  25 Aug 1900Bladen Co, NC I1127
20 Cromartie, James  27 Jun 1845Bladen Co, NC I574
21 Cromartie, John James  13 Sep 1850Bladen Co, NC I582
22 CROMARTIE, Julia Clark  13 Nov 1909Bladen Co, NC I760
23 CROMARTIE, Luther  10 Jun 1911Bladen Co, NC I758
24 CROMARTIE, Mary Jane  24 Aug 1822Bladen Co, NC I1077
25 Cromartie, Patrick Sidney  24 Mar 1956Bladen Co, NC I1126
26 CROMARTIE, Peter Patrick  18 Mar 1864Bladen Co, NC I592
27 Cromartie, William Sr.  21 Sep 1807Bladen Co, NC I471
28 Cromartie, William James  05 May 1898Bladen Co, NC I1165
29 Doane, Ruhamah  26 Dec 1813Bladen Co, NC I196
30 Herrington, Anne  11 Nov 1873Bladen Co, NC I583
31 KELLY, Archibald  Abt May 1861Bladen Co, NC I632
32 KING, Catherine Ann  27 Feb 1905Bladen Co, NC I608
33 McMargid, Catherine  Bladen Co, NC I9926
34 PEACOCK, Ann  Between 1826 and 1827Bladen Co, NC I611
35 SESSIONS, Sarah Boone  31 Dec 1863Bladen Co, NC I593
36 SIKES, Ann  27 Nov 1865Bladen Co, NC I613
37 Taylor, Katherine  15 Jun 1869Bladen Co, NC I662
38 WOOTEN, John Allen  5 May 1859Bladen Co, NC I605


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERS / CROMARTIE  11 May 1816Bladen Co, NC F2707
2 CROMARTIE / CROMARTIE  Abt 1850Bladen Co, NC F3212
3 Cromartie / DEVANE  30 Jul 1799Bladen Co, NC F2668
4 Cromartie / Doane  22 Apr 1766Bladen Co, NC F2893
5 Cromartie / KERR  08 May 1823Bladen Co, NC F2933
6 Cromartie / Page  09 Dec 1897Bladen Co, NC F27018
7 Henderson / Cromartie  10 Nov 1920Bladen Co, NC F4398
8 Hendry / Cromartie  1784Bladen Co, NC F1139
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