Boone Co, VA


Latitude: 37.1042707, Longitude: -79.9416549


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Abigail  Abt 1837Boone Co, VA I10650
2 Adkins, Adeline  Abt 1851Boone Co, VA I14890
3 Adkins, Barrett  May 1854Boone Co, VA I14905
4 Adkins, Clayborne G.  17 Jan 1857Boone Co, VA I14874
5 Adkins, Cynthia  Abt 1854Boone Co, VA I11869
6 Adkins, Emily  Abt 1858Boone Co, VA I11921
7 Adkins, Goldsbury  Aug 1861Boone Co, VA I14895
8 Adkins, Jane  Abt 1848Boone Co, VA I11802
9 Adkins, John W.  Abt 1853Boone Co, VA I14891
10 Adkins, Laura  Abt 1856Boone Co, VA I14893
11 Adkins, Martha  Abt 1849Boone Co, VA I14902
12 Adkins, Mary  Abt 1847Boone Co, VA I11801
13 Adkins, Mary  Abt 1851Boone Co, VA I14903
14 Adkins, Mosine  Abt 1858Boone Co, VA I14875
15 ADKINS, Oliver  15 Feb 1854Boone Co, VA I5388
16 Adkins, Roland B.  Abt 1854Boone Co, VA I14892
17 Adkins, Sampson  Abt 1859Boone Co, VA I14894
18 Adkins, Sarah  Abt 1851Boone Co, VA I11868
19 Adkins, Sarah  19 Feb 1852Boone Co, VA I14904
20 Adkins, Sylvester  9 Aug 1854Boone Co, VA I14873
21 Adkins, Thomas  Abt 1849Boone Co, VA I14889
22 Adkins, Tilman  Abt 1848Boone Co, VA I14936
23 Adkins, Unnamed  1860Boone Co, VA I11922
24 Adkins, William Lafayette  Oct 1859Boone Co, VA I14876
25 EGNOR, Mary Ann  12 Feb 1851/52Boone Co, VA I5017
26 GORE, Mary Ann  1807Boone Co, VA I5263
27 Miller, Burwell Burel  Nov 1847Boone Co, VA I14968
28 Miller, Lorenzo D.  Abt 1858Boone Co, VA I13447
29 Miller, Peter  26 May 1833Boone Co, VA I13290
30 Miller, Venila E.  1838Boone Co, VA I13256
31 Miller, Zattoo  Abt 1856Boone Co, VA I13446
32 Plumley, Emmaretta  Mar 1852Boone Co, VA I14884
33 Plumley, Gordon  Jun 1855Boone Co, VA I14885
34 Plumley, Isaac  20 Dec 1855Boone Co, VA I14933
35 Plumley, Isaac  Jun 1857Boone Co, VA I14886
36 Plumley, Melvin  Oct 1848Boone Co, VA I14883
37 Plumley, Sarah Ann  Abt 1849Boone Co, VA I14869
38 Plumley, William Elisha  18 Oct 1858Boone Co, VA I14934
39 Smith, Astera  Est 1858Boone Co, VA I5275
40 Smith, Ballard  Est 1852Boone Co, VA I5282
41 Smith, Cumberland  Est 1847Boone Co, VA I5279
42 Smith, Isaiah  Est 1849Boone Co, VA I5280
43 Smith, Mary Ann  Est 1853Boone Co, VA I5274
44 Smith, Sarah Jane  Est 1850Boone Co, VA I5281
45 Walls, Polly  Est 1847Boone Co, VA I17282
46 WOODRUM, Burwell  19 Aug 1855Boone Co, VA I5269
47 WOODRUM, John Liston  Jun 1859Boone Co, VA I5271
48 WOODRUM, Lucy  27 Feb 1858Boone Co, VA I5031
49 WOODRUM, Richard Lee  May 1863Boone Co, VA I5272


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Susannah  Aft 1860Boone Co, VA I7436
2 Brown, Sarah  1855Boone Co, VA I13306
3 Miller, John  1855Boone Co, VA I13305
4 Plumley, Isaac  Bef 1859Boone Co, VA I14881
5 SMITH, William  Aft 1850Boone Co, VA I5283
6 WOODRUM, Archibald Baltimore  18 Apr 1854Boone Co, VA I5262


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adkins / Plumley  Abt 1849Boone Co, VA F801
2 Adkins / Plumley  1852Boone Co, VA F793
3 Adkins / Walls  6 Feb 1866Boone Co, VA F1635
4 ESTEP /   28 Jul 1855Boone Co, VA F24999
5 Plumley / Sias  30 Aug 1860Boone Co, VA F25025
6 Price / Plumley  11 Oct 1855Boone Co, VA F803
7 Roach / Plumley  18 Mar 1857Boone Co, VA F802
8 SPURLOCK / SMITH  Abt 1849Boone Co, VA F25009
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