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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  Est 1830IL I4600
2 Anna  Est 1847IL I15992
3 Cathaline  Oct 1840IL I13185
4 Catherine  Abt 1873IL I11856
5 Isabell  Abt 1851IL I9728
6 Lily B.  Sep 1864IL I13143
7 Louise  Est 1885IL I16020
8 Mary S.  Sep 1861IL I12177
9 Mary W.  Jun 1860IL I4583
10 Sarah E.  Abt 1853IL I13169
11 Ursula  Apr 1874IL I12291
12 Anderson, Margaret Alice  17 Oct 1868IL I4895
13 Arnold, Leota Maye  22 Jul 1903IL I16295
14 Baker, August Alexander  29 Oct 1919IL I11416
15 Baker, James J.   I11415
16 Berninger, Aaron  Abt 1861IL I12449
17 Berninger, Annie  1880IL I12416
18 Berninger, Edith   I12294
19 Berninger, Evalina  Abt 1868IL I12506
20 Berninger, Lillie  Abt 1864IL I12450
21 Berninger, Louise  Abt 1872IL I12508
22 Berninger, Lucius  Abt 1903IL I12304
23 Berninger, Lucy E.  Abt 1878IL I12509
24 Berninger, Mary  Abt 1870IL I12414
25 Berninger, Nelson  Abt 1876IL I12415
26 Berninger, William Edward  24 Jan 1873IL I12229
27 Blood, Frances Lee  17 Aug 1848IL I11425
28 Blood, George  Abt 1840IL I11422
29 Blood, Henry E.  Abt 1845IL I11423
30 BLOOD, Susan Melissa  Abt 1847IL I3414
31 Boyles, Lee J.  Abt 1895IL I15944
32 Brown, Martha  Est 1844IL I17198
33 Brown, Rawleigh H.  IL I8930
34 Carter, Bertha Caroline "Carrie"  06 Dec 1872IL I8650
35 Carter, David  Abt 1877IL I8683
36 Carter, Elizabeth (Ann)  Abt 1865IL I8679
37 Carter, George E.  Abt 1875IL I8682
38 Carter, Jane  Abt 1863IL I8678
39 Carter, Mary Melinda  1862IL I8677
40 Compton, Elizabeth  1842IL I4534
41 Cooper, Thomas A.  Abt 1885IL I6551
42 Couch, Cela M.  Apr 1892IL I13152
43 COUCH, Edwin E.  Oct 1887IL I4745
44 COUCH, Effie M.  Oct 1881IL I3061
45 Couch, Flossie D.  Mar 1898IL I13151
46 Couch, Francis Newton  1867IL I13156
47 Couch, Geneve  Mar 1898IL I11855
48 Couch, Hazel Emily  Sep 1896IL I11854
49 COUCH, Hiram Clifford  1871IL I2934
50 Couch, James E.  1868IL I11852
51 COUCH, John W.  Sep 1884IL I4744
52 Couch, Levi Walter  Jul 1897IL I83
53 Couch, Lois S.  Sep 1893IL I13149
54 COUCH, Lula  Feb 1887IL I4582
55 Couch, Maria  Abt 1876IL I13153
56 COUCH, Mary Elsie  26 Oct 1877IL I3058
57 COUCH, Maud  Abt 1867IL I2932
58 COUCH, Maurio  Aug 1881IL I4743
59 Couch, Nancy Maria  Abt 1851IL I12129
60 Couch, Rollie William  17 Sep 1894IL I2744
61 Couch, Silva  Nov 1894IL I11853
62 COUCH, William  2 Mar 1869IL I2933
63 Couch, William E.  Mar 1896IL I13150
64 Courter, Priscilla J.  Abt 1843IL I4589
65 COZINE, Effie Blanche  13 May 1893IL I5005
66 COZINE, Simon Francis  Apr 1868IL I3116
67 Davidson, Alice M.  Abt 1908IL I14766
68 Davidson, Howard  Abt 1907IL I14765
69 DEGAN, Alexander  Est 1849IL I4598
70 DEGAN, Charles  Est 1865IL I4602
71 Degan, Charles A.  Abt 1873IL I13171
72 Degan, Ida V.  Abt 1878IL I13172
73 Degan, John Sr.  Est 1816IL I4597
74 DEGAN, Laura  Est 1861IL I4601
75 Degan, Lelia  Abt 1871IL I13170
76 FOX, Fannie E  Aug 1872IL I5002
77 FOX, Lenora  Mar 1862IL I5001
78 Freese, Eleanor E.  7 Jan 1859IL I16261
79 Gowens, Lottie  Est 1906IL I17188
80 Gowens, Mable L.  Est 1904IL I17187
81 Gowens, Medford L.  Est 1871IL I17186
82 Gray, Ellen  Abt 1868IL I12489
83 GRAY, Jocelyn  19 Jul 1884IL I4461
84 GRAY, Wilson Wade  11 Feb 1908IL I9908
85 GRAYSON, Lily  Dec 1885IL I4596
86 GREATHOUSE, George  Abt 1847IL I4594
87 GREATHOUSE, John A.  05 Jan 1822IL I4591
88 GREATHOUSE, Sarah  Est 1844IL I4593
89 Greer, Cahill A.  Est 1877IL I16019
90 HAZELTON, Levi C.  30 Oct 1846IL I4733
91 HIGGINS, Lovila  betw 1820-1825IL I4635
92 Hinman, Adelbert  1869IL I15993
93 Hinman, Charley  22 Nov 1883IL I15966
94 Hinman, William L.  May 1860IL I15963
95 Hobbs, John Herbert  08 Jul 1906IL I8660
96 James, Sarah P.  Abt 1841IL I8455
97 Jourdan, Andrew  Est 1832IL I15985
98 Jourdan, Dewey Iredell  10 Jun 1898IL I15957
99 Jourdan, Eliza  Est 1840IL I15981
100 Jourdan, Iredell  20 Nov 1871IL I15958
101 Jourdan, Katharine  1830IL I15984
102 Jourdan, Mary A.  Est 1827IL I15983
103 Jourdan, Mary E.  1869IL I15988
104 Jourdan, Mary Nellie  20 Dec 1891IL I15937
105 Jourdan, Minnie  1873IL I15987
106 Jourdan, Nannie Catherine  2 Nov 1862IL I15962
107 Jourdan, Thomas  1876IL I15960
108 Jourdan, William  Est 1838IL I15980
109 Kibler, Charles  Abt 1865IL I9730
110 Kibler, Elizabeth  Abt 1849IL I9726
111 Kibler, Missouri A.  Abt 1869IL I12204
112 Kibler, Sarah E.  Abt 1870IL I12203
113 Kibler, Solomon  Abt 1848IL I9725
114 Kidwell, Sarah Jane  1827IL I13994
115 Leek, Elizabeth  Abt 1840IL I13181
116 Leek, Flora Mary  May 1865IL I3092
117 Leek, George W.  Abt 1843IL I13182
118 Leek, Henry J.  13 Nov 1836IL I4590
119 Leek, John  Oct 1839IL I8413
120 Leek, Margaret  Abt 1847IL I13183
121 Leek, Norman  Mar 1871IL I13186
122 Legg, Bertha Florence  6 Jul 1894IL I15941
123 Legg, Edwin L.  Est 1875IL I16002
124 Legg, Mary J.  Abt 1892IL I15943
125 Legg, Nellie  Abt 1901IL I4535
126 Legg, Wilson  Est 1868IL I16001
127 LEGROS, Alice  Abt 1869IL I2868
128 LEGROS, Paul L.  8 Aug 1913IL I2867
129 Lindsay, Bessy L.  Dec 1893IL I13146
130 Lindsay, David  Abt 1857IL I12779
131 Lindsay, Martha  10 May 1862IL I12920
132 Lindsay, Robert J.  Nov 1883IL I13144
133 Lindsay, W. Earl  Aug 1884IL I13145
134 Lindsey, Joseph  Abt 1847IL I13061
135 Lindsey, Juliam  Abt 1856IL I13134
136 Lindsey, Thomas W.  Abt 1853IL I13133
137 LITHERLAND, Bonnie B.  Jan 1893IL I4586
138 LITHERLAND, Daughter  Feb 1899IL I4588
139 LITHERLAND, Francis M.  Jun 1890IL I4585
140 LITHERLAND, Mark A.  Jul 1885IL I4584
141 LITHERLAND, Mathew D.  Jun 1847IL I3411
142 LITHERLAND, Noma E.  Nov 1894IL I4587
143 LITHERLAND, Owen L.  Sep 1898IL I4166
144 LITHERLAND, Savannah Rachel  Abt 1855IL I3663
145 Lord, Maymie Maurice  Est 1888-1890IL I16259
146 McCrary, Allie  May 1894IL I12183
147 McCrary, Aurthur  Mar 1892IL I12182
148 McCrary, Eliza  Oct 1883IL I12178
149 McCrary, Everett  Jul 1895IL I12184
150 McCrary, Jane  Nov 1889IL I12181

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, August Alexander  12 Sep 1971IL I11416
2 Couch, Harriet Eliza  Aft 1885IL I2815
3 COUCH, Mary Diantha  12 Mar 1855IL I2799
4 Cowden, John H.  1873IL I6651
5 Cowden, Joseph R.  1864IL I6647
6 Cowden, Mary E.  1866IL I6646
7 Everly, Rachel A.  18 Mar 1900IL I15742
8 HAZELTON, Levi C.  13 Sep 1847IL I4733
9 HENRY, Howard Marvin  19 Dec 1953IL I817
10 Kibler, Julia Ann  06 Feb 1917IL I8637
11 Koontz, Andrew Jackson Sr.  02 Feb 1917IL I8636
12 Legg, Francis A.  1936IL I15743
13 Legg, Walter  25 Apr 1904IL I15741
14 LITHERLAND, Elizabeth  Aft 1860IL I3793
15 POOL, Julia Angelina  11 Nov 1874IL I2967
16 Rimstidt, Lora Mildred  4 Jul 1960IL I12238
17 Scaggs, Ora Ella  04 Mar 1957IL I2741
18 SMITH, Ira K.  14 Oct 1876IL I2899
19 Stephens, Elijah Otis  27 Dec 1957IL I12511
20 Ulm, Mary E.  11 Sep 1907IL I79


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Couch /   betw 1902-1910IL F27699
2 Couch / Blood  4 Mar 1896IL F296
4 STEAD / LITHERLAND  30 Sep 1896IL F21978
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