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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1805OH I14581
2 Elizabeth  Est 1805OH I16210
3 Lorinda C.  Est 1860OH I16064
4 Mary  Mar 1856OH I13180
5 Mary A.  Est 1874OH I18375
6 Nettie F.  Est 1873OH I4571
7 Adkins, Kenneth  Est 1938OH I16026
8 Allison, Ross  16 Nov 1821OH I14606
9 Andrews, Ebenezer Jr.  Est 1838OH I19063
10 Andrews, Elenor  Est 1840OH I9890
11 Andrews, Joseph H.  Est 1836OH I19062
12 Andrews, Rachel Augusta  9 Jul 1834OH I19061
13 Balley, Della  OH I11665
14 Banks  OH I16172
15 Benet, Alonzo  Abt 1878OH I14561
16 Benet, Elizabeth  Abt 1863OH I14558
17 Benet, George E.  Abt 1860OH I14556
18 Benet, Rebeca  Abt 1866OH I14559
19 Benet, Spencer A.  Abt 1875OH I14560
20 Bennett, Lorenzo D.  Abt 1860OH I14557
21 Bevis, Alva Theodore  Est 1877OH I16099
22 Bevis, Caroline  Est 1852OH I16092
23 Bevis, Clara  Est 1863OH I16095
24 Bevis, Curtis  Est 1854OH I16093
25 Bevis, Daniel  1841OH I16086
26 Bevis, Elizabeth  Est 1868OH I16097
27 Bevis, Emma Lucinda  6 Mar 1876OH I16100
28 Bevis, Hannah May  Est 1846OH I16090
29 Bevis, Lucinda  Est 1844OH I16089
30 Bevis, Maggie B.  Est 1879OH I16101
31 Bevis, Mary  Est 1870OH I16098
32 Bevis, Matilda  Est 1849OH I16091
33 Bevis, William  Est 1866OH I16096
34 Billingsley, Doris L.  Est 1926OH I16148
35 Billingsley, Owen Theodore  Est 1924OH I16154
36 Billingsley, Virginia  Est 1920OH I16146
37 Billingsley, Winifred Mae  Est 1927OH I16158
38 BLIZZARD, Benjamin  Mar 1830OH I2836
39 Boehmer, Douglas  Est 1928OH I17358
40 Briney, Adam B.  1843OH I2750
41 Briney, Emeline  Abt 1838OH I2749
42 Briney, Franklin  Est 1839OH I16390
43 Briney, Hannah  Est 1843OH I16391
44 Briney, John V.  Abt 1840OH I3135
45 Briney, Joseph M.  1854OH I2758
46 Briney, Marzellue  Est 1836OH I16389
47 Briney, Silas P.  Abt 1845OH I2751
48 Brooks, Amanda  Nov 1861OH I14535
49 Brooks, Bertha E.  Abt 1879OH I14566
50 Brooks, Florence  26 Sep 1865OH I14539
51 Brooks, John  Abt 1870OH I14563
52 Brooks, Julia A.  Abt 1874OH I14564
53 Brooks, Lewis Robert  1803OH I14540
54 Brooks, William F.  Abt 1876OH I14565
55 Chritton, James Monroe  1842OH I10311
56 Cook, Willard  Dec 1893OH I16204
57 Cook, Willie  Nov 1892OH I16203
58 Cowden, David L.  13 Dec 1845OH I6649
59 Cowden, Deborah Ellen  1844OH I5621
60 Cowden, John H.  31 Jan 1846OH I6651
61 Cowden, Mary E.  17 May 1840OH I6646
62 Cowden, William Washington  1 Mar 1839OH I6645
63 Cutler, Olivene  Abt 1855OH I2281
64 Deam, Charles Dale  11 Dec 1885OH I2678
65 Deam, Howard S.  25 Dec 1877OH I2665
66 Deam, Samuel B.  1845OH I2278
67 Deam, Warren E.  Jun 1880OH I2668
68 Deavers, Anna M.  Jul 1877OH I16192
69 Deavers, Caroline  Jun 1862OH I16199
70 Deavers, Delpin  Est 1911OH I16236
71 Deavers, Eliza  Est 1833OH I16213
72 Deavers, Elizabeth  Est 1836OH I16214
73 Deavers, Elmer Smith  28 Mar 1873OH I16223
74 Deavers, Emily  Est 1824-1829OH I16211
75 Deavers, Juanita  Est 1902OH I16235
76 Deavers, Lewis  Est 1897OH I16234
77 Deavers, Lizzie L.  Jan 1868OH I16201
78 Deavers, Louis H.  Mar 1871OH I16202
79 Deavers, Mahala  Est 1843OH I16218
80 Deavers, Margaret E.  Est 1841OH I16217
81 Deavers, Mary Ann  Est 1831OH I16212
82 Dickerson, Bridget  Est 1814OH I16084
83 Easton, Elsie Jennie  Abt 1856OH I2283
84 Everly, Rachel A.  6 Dec 1835OH I15742
85 Farson, Richard C.  Est 1915OH I16061
86 Ferrell, Anna  Jul 1865OH I16150
87 Ferrell, Elizabeth E.  29 Jan 1882OH I16033
88 Ferrell, Florence M.  Est 1912OH I12681
89 Ferrell, Raymond A.  Est 1905OH I12679
90 Ferrell, Walter W.  Est 1916OH I12680
91 Hamilton, Bessie H.  1883OH I3219
92 Hankinson, Agnes Arminta  1 Jul 1851OH I16246
93 Hankinson, Elizabeth E.  Est 1843OH I16240
94 Hankinson, James Alex  Est 1846OH I16241
95 Hankinson, Manerva J.  Est 1847OH I16242
96 Hankinson, Rachel K.  May 1844OH I16198
97 Harden, Charles N.  Est 1909OH I12670
98 Harden, Edna L.  Est 1913OH I12673
99 Harden, George H.  Est 1909OH I12669
100 Harden, Myrtle B.  Aug 1896OH I12671
101 Harrison, Elsie Cleo  14 Aug 1888OH I1914
102 Hendricks, Isaac  31 Aug 1808OH I15069
103 HIGGINS, Ransom  2 Oct 1812OH I4632
104 Hill, Charles L.  Est 1879OH I16065
105 Hill, John W.  Est 1852OH I16063
106 Hillis, Elizabeth J.  Est 1832OH I16359
107 Hillis, Jesse Mathus  17 Feb 1833OH I16358
108 Hillis, Margaret E.  Est 1843OH I16362
109 Hillis, Mary M.  Est 1839OH I16361
110 Hillis, Nancy A.  Est 1837OH I16360
111 Hononka, Frank E.  Oct 1875OH I17416
112 Hononka, Rose A.  Jun 1878OH I17417
113 Houk, Clarence  Est 1897OH I18363
114 Houk, Edith  Est 1899OH I18376
115 Houk, Edward  Est 1874OH I18374
116 Houk, Helen  Est 1902OH I18377
117 Houk, Margret  Est 1909OH I18378
118 Hunting, William H.  Dec 1838OH I14374
119 Keck, Mary M.  Est 1908OH I16060
120 Kulas, Pauline L.  1875OH I17362
121 Leach, Andrew J.  20 Jul 1829OH I16406
122 Leach, Hannah Ann  Aug 1835OH I14375
123 Leach, Joseph  5 Mar 1820OH I16402
124 Leach, Mary  16 Jul 1818OH I16399
125 Legg, Emma F.  Est 1859OH I15998
126 Legg, Ferris Gatch  25 Feb 1865OH I15924
127 Legg, Francis A.  1857OH I15743
128 Legg, Walter  14 Sep 1832OH I15741
129 Little, Charles  Est 1865OH I17732
130 MASSIE, Davison  1834OH I5191
131 MASSIE, Ephraim  1846OH I5193
132 MASSIE, Jonathan  1822OH I5189
133 MASSIE, Nathaniel  1844OH I5192
134 MASSIE, Robert  1832OH I5190
135 Mathus, Malissa  Est 1846OH I16357
136 Maystrick, Ella  Abt 1886OH I14514
137 Maystrick, Joseph F.  Est 1878OH I17347
138 Maystrick, Lillie  Abt 1877OH I14513
139 McCall, Isabella  1822OH I16035
140 McClellan, Nancy   I1774
141 McCormick, William Harrison  25 May 1861OH I18434
142 Morsgrove, Annabell  1844OH I6627
143 Patchell, Edward H.  Abt 1886OH I2691
144 Patchell, Ethel A.  Dec 1887OH I2692
145 Patchell, Naomi L.  Abt 1896OH I2693
146 Patchell, Omar S.  4 Feb 1878OH I2688
147 Pewthers, Matilda Anglissa  1821OH I14596
148 Pewthers, William  Abt 1815OH I14552
149 Pitman, Archie Ray  31 Dec 1897OH I1001
150 Pitman, Calvin  1843OH I1859

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blackman, James  1 Mar 1865OH I15393
2 Brooks, Mary  14 May 1842OH I11705
3 Champion, Elizabeth  OH I15392
4 Deam, Ona  29 Jun 1950OH I2651
5 EGNOR, William Green  16 Feb 1865OH I5064
6 Kibler, Henry  14 Dec 1873OH I8741
7 McClellan, James  Aft 1830OH I2077
8 McClellan, William  2 Oct 1827OH I2091
9 Miller, George  1815OH I13314
10 Pitman, Ephraim C.  27 Apr 1843OH I7142
11 Pitman, James Willie  1918OH I917
12 Sterret, Mary  10 Nov 1842OH I5462
13 Walburn, Mary  1865OH I14541


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Patchell / Gerwig  OH F22
2 Smith / McClellan  1835OH F19
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