Raleigh Co, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADKINS, Calakico  Abt 1855Raleigh Co, VA I10481
2 Adkins, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1853Raleigh Co, VA I9601
3 Adkins, John  Abt 1851Raleigh Co, VA I7372
4 ADKINS, Louden  Abt 1858Raleigh Co, VA I10482
5 ADKINS, Louisa J.  Feb 1860Raleigh Co, VA I10484
6 Adkins, Mary D.  Abt 1850Raleigh Co, VA I7370
7 ADKINS, Mary Jane  31 Mar 1859Raleigh Co, VA I10483
8 Adkins, Nancy E.  15 Apr 1855Raleigh Co, VA I7376
9 Adkins, Robert  Jan 1853Raleigh Co, VA I7374
10 Adkins, Ruth  Abt 1855Raleigh Co, VA I7375
11 ADKINS, Samuel L.  Abt 1853Raleigh Co, VA I10480
12 ADKINS, Sarah E.  Abt 1862Raleigh Co, VA I10485
13 Plumley, Andrew Jackson  2 Feb 1852Raleigh Co, VA I16424
14 Plumley, Anna  15 Jan 1857Raleigh Co, VA I16427
15 Plumley, Clarkson  1851Raleigh Co, VA I16508
16 Plumley, Harmon  21 Sep 1848Raleigh Co, VA I16425
17 Plumley, Isaac  14 Jan 1856Raleigh Co, VA I16471
18 Plumley, John V  22 Jul 1853Raleigh Co, VA I16420
19 Plumley, John Robert  18 Dec 1853Raleigh Co, VA I16476
20 Plumley, Mary E.  16 May 1856Raleigh Co, VA I16458
21 Plumley, Mathias  23 Sep 1856Raleigh Co, VA I16432
22 Plumley, Nancy Jane  26 Apr 1855Raleigh Co, VA I16426
23 Plumley, Rebecca C.  26 Oct 1850Raleigh Co, VA I16428
24 Plumley, Virginia Malinda  28 Apr 1891Raleigh Co, VA I16515
25 Plumley, William Wiley Jr.  30 Mar 1859Raleigh Co, VA I16418
26 Redden, John Lewis  Abt 1838Raleigh Co, VA I14002
27 Redden, Martha E.  27 May 1857Raleigh Co, VA I14006
28 Richmond, Louisa Jane  8 Aug 1854Raleigh Co, VA I10528
29 Richmond, Samuel Samuel  Abt 1863Raleigh Co, VA I10536


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Abigail  15 Oct 1876Raleigh Co, VA I10650
2 Adkins, Elizabeth  9 Jul 1856Raleigh Co, VA I18632
3 Adkins, Parker  11 May 1857Raleigh Co, VA I11623
4 CAMPBELL, Archibald  Raleigh Co, VA I5354
5 CAMPBELL, Archibald  Raleigh Co, VA I5355
6 CAMPBELL, Susanna  25 Apr 1824Raleigh Co, VA I5124
7 Hicks, Mary "Polly"  Abt 1850Raleigh Co, VA I10494
8 Kaylor, Catherine  1843Raleigh Co, VA I5122
9 Kaylor, Frances  Abt 1850Raleigh Co, VA I5403
10 Redden, Clara  7 Mar 1859Raleigh Co, VA I13986
11 Redden, John H.  9 Apr 1899Raleigh Co, VA I13993
12 Redden, William C. Sr.  Aft 1850Raleigh Co, VA I5405
13 Richmond, Samuel C.  12 Oct 1863Raleigh Co, VA I10537
14 Willis, Ameil  Abt 1850Raleigh Co, VA I10493


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adkins /   11 Mar 1851Raleigh Co, VA F27636
2 Todd / Bennett  16 Mar 1854Raleigh Co, VA F1334
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